Judgement Day!

21 04 2011

by AngryPanda

Maybe I shouldn’t have been depressed. Of course this does mean I can be 100% certain I will die here. What am I talking about? According to the best TV-Series ever produced (note: needs entry) today is Judgement Day. The day Skynet goes active and declares war on humanity. Burn motherfucker.  Yes I’m perfectly willing to die with them if it just means all the idiots finally get it too. I have to admit I’d like being killed by a Terminator because that would be awesome but I guess nuclear fires will have to do. Funny enough I first had a conversation about this online this morning in my MMO with a bunch of other addicts. We considered that Skynet might have already won and using a more subtle approach. But I don’t really think subtle is Skynet’s style. It seems to prefer an approach that is a little more direct and even its idea of infiltration is a giant mass of steel in form of a killing machine.

This might all be fiction but just to be sure I recommend disconnecting your microwave and locking it up in the basement. Considering how much life sucks and how good this series was I’d say if today isn’t Judgement Day it wasn’t the series that was wrong but reality that forgot to catch up. Either that or the Doctor travelled to the future and made them  produce a Season 3 that sets a new date or even let’s the good guys win. That would be awesome. Save us again Doctor!

This would finally have been a chance to post that Termintor vs Bambi picture. Ah well I already did.

In case you didn’t notice that this site is rather enamored with Terminator you might need to catch up:

Also: Terminator Salvation by yours truly the one and only (well soon to be considering our reproduction) Panda. And since I was really angry in that case there was another one just because I couldn’t fit all the hate into the first. Now that I think of it maybe this should be a Terminator fansite. In a way it is. Terminator could only be more awesome with lasers… fuck they have them! .. ok it is bloody perfect. I need to write about Cameron the one guy who knows how to make movies sometime. If I wouldn’t file western and eastern production under completly different genres this might be the one thing that is better than Awakening of the Trailblazer. Now excuse me, I need to get killed by a supercomputer.




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17 05 2011
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21 05 2011
Just terminate those plans for now! « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] what more they could do. The whole concept of all the movies has been centered around the idea of Judgement Day, the day Skynet wakes up and nukes the world. Except possibly the first one which strange enough […]

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