Good Friday

22 04 2011

by AngryPanda

"Life is the the right of all sentient beings"

I take this holiday very seriously. Today Optimus Prime died to save us all. I would say he died for our sins but I think he mostly died for Megatron’s sins. Who incidentlay died at the same day so don’t get your saviors confused. We should all remember the high price he paid for our sakes and try to change into something better. Preferably a truck. Hot Rod did and it was awesome.

Now some people might call this sacrilege and be deeply insulted in their faith. I sure hope so. It is fair payback for the fact how the mere existence of religious faith in a modern western society insults me. It is 2011, this crap should be a joke we tell children to show them how primitive society was in the past. Instead there are factions trying to rule the most powerful country in the world that deny evolution. Unless we are talking about cyborg paladins wielding energy blades religion just has no place in the future. For some reason we still aren’t in space, we still don’t have a safe energy source but hey at least we still have stupid silly answers to life. Even worse religion is still the major source for war, discrimination and barbaric practices. It is a convent excuse to take women’s rights away, discriminate minorities and call every new thing they don’t like the devil’s work no matter if it is games, books, movies or simply free speech. I try to be tolerant because some people I genuinely like are still religious but at times it is really hard for me. Like ignoring the baby eating tentacle monster in the room. Religion is the number one source of power for  the Dark Side, the ultimate excuse for the weak and did I mention that we are still in something very close to the bloody crusades? It is also brainwashing done to children before they can make their own choice. The excuse that they can change later in life is bullshit, it is incredibly hard to shake the shackles of something so deeply ingrained in your culture and education. Even the moderates are providing a safe haven for the extremists and as long as religion is treated as a genuine fact instead of a mental illness we are still a bunch of ignorant fuckwits barely above the level of flinging our own poo.

Oh yea this doesn’t go for abstract religions like Zen, Hindu and whatnot. Those are basically moral guidelines. You guys are awesome. Get some lightsabers.




3 responses

22 04 2011

Love you!

22 04 2011

I mean, for writing this, of course. Great article ^^

2 04 2012
Letterman blew it with Optimus Prime? « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] flesh, you do since your body is made to turn nice things into shit and gas. This Optimus Prime, who died for our sins and is the hottest thing on wheels even while made of […]

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