Happy Easter!

24 04 2011

by AngryPanda

This day is even more important than Good Friday, as it was an easter sunday morning then I first saw Transformers the Movie. Not knowing that thing even existed I was completly blown away. I don’t think the sense of awe has vanished after after more than 20 years. Kids are impressionable but in this case I don’t mind. On a completly unrelated note this picture in is in fact the first thing that came up then I googled for easter bunny.

Yes, this picture is in fact much larger than the average you see on this site. You're welcome.

By the sheer amount of these things I’d guess that every halfway good-looking girl has made kinky bunny pictures at this point. I never want to hear complaints about skimpy dresses in games again… .

Anyway as I mentioned before it is really important not to get your saviors confused. It wasn’t in fact Optimus Prime who was resurrected so short after his death. He took way longer and a really crappy story that never should have seen the light of day. Oh no, it was Megatron who immediately stumbled up his savior and was reborn/reformated into Galvatron, easily one of the best cartoon villains to ever appear on a cartoon show (note to self: make top ten or top five list of those).

While called a "reformat" it is pretty awesoem that one of the most iconic and unique scens of the whole show is in fact another transformation.

Now Galvatron was a whole new league of villain. He was several magnitudes stronger than any of the good guys but even more special he was smart, logical and most unique of all had an army of loyal followers, created out of other dead Decepticon. Also a kick ass starship. It was even him who explained that they have to work together to the Autobots to save them all. It didn’t take but at least he tried. He was also completely screwed up in the rest of the series, reduced to a whiny insane brat more annoying than Starscream if that is possible.

So enjoy him while he lasts, he really only exists in that movie which should have ended Generation 1 anyway. If you get something nice don’t wear it out till it sucks.

How this is connected to egghunts I don’t know but I didn’t make up this stupid holiday that clearly misses the whole point since it doesn’t even have Dinobots. Anyway, have a good weekend, eat some bunnies, cuddle some eggs and remember no matter what any priest says do what you think is right, no matter the cost. You’ve got the touch.




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20 05 2011
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