Book reviews

25 04 2011

by AngryPanda

I love books. Books are the gateway into a limitless realm of creativity and fantastic journeys. They give your mind wings to.. blabla yadda yadda all that shit. Books are nice. Especially since unlike movies and even series their production value is incredible low so they can try new stuff and be creative. Of course you can read five thousand volumes of tolkinesque fantasy but at least you don’t have to. Then I was a kid there was no internet and I can barely bear to remember that time because of the infinitely painful boredom but books did at least help. For the longest time they were all that allowed me to live. There was also a phase of 3 or 4 years in which I didn’t read at all due to MMOs eating my life but I’m back to them now and I got to say I’m very happy about it. Of course the ruined my attention span so while I could read for 8 to 12 hour straight in the past I can barely keep it up for an hour at time by now.

I intend to start reviewing books here soon. There are several problems with this. For one I am lazy and read very fast. I’ve read five more books since I finished the one I intended to review first. I also have no formal experience with book reviews, I don’t even regularly read any. So just like my other stuff it will be mostly random thoughts. Last but not least I rarely ever do research on the Authors. I’ve read hundreds of books without knowing anything about the person who wrote them so I will rarely have background knowledge. There are of course some authors I follow but with most I will not know their unique styles and quirks and might miss such elements or references to their other works . As the perfect examples the number one book on my review list ist “The Steel Remains”, number five or so is “Broken Angels”. It was only five minutes ago while I took out the first that I noticed both these books were written by Richard Morgan. That connection alone told me a whole lot more about both works but I might just as easily have missed it or not known.

Like the internet, but on a dead tree!

On a barely related note I still read my books on paper and I didn’t get around to buy a Kindle yet. This is not out of any sense of tradition or nostalgia, I don’t do that sort of crap. But Ido admit I feel at least a little better having a few shelves of books. I also don’t treat my books very well, they keep falling into the bathtub or get lost on trains or simply fall behind the sofa. While eInk looks nice the idea of having to take care of a device worth several hundred bucks while I just want to read sort of annoys me. On the other hand I like the idea of a convenient library. My plan to start the Malazan Chronicles again from the start mostly fails because I’m too lazy to go the basement to find and sort the damn things.




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