So you’re sadists. That explains a lot.

28 04 2011

by AngryPanda

It is said that you never know who anyone truly is on the net but I think I figured you guys out. I suspect these people are my average readers…

Watching Farscape right now. There will be a review someday.

I base this theory on the fact that for the past two weeks “I’m going to die here” has been the most read entry on this blog. The only thing that ever came close to that way my fake Transformers MMO. Strange enough I think I pissed of anyone religious already and you’d think that have thinned the kinky sort of sadists but it looks like I was wrong again. Since this is the case it will make you happy to know that the panda is under more or less permanent pain for several sometimes even unrelated reasons.

Currently I’m trying to get my permanently hurting feet and my migraines fixed. And that is just the top of my to-do-list. Because it is the sort of mind splitting headaches that make you want to curl up on the floor and cry. Still better than the feet though which at this point hurt the moment I stand up in the morning. Investing in some medical soles this week and I just bought some really crazy expensive running/walking shoes which do seem to help a little bit. Maybe I can walk for more than 20 minutes in those.

But not to worry once those problems are fixed there’s tons of others including but not limited to shitting blood. So if anything here pisses you off, be assured I’m already paying for my attitude.




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