Optimus Prime angry, Osama Bin Laden dead

2 05 2011

by AngryPanda

I don’t know if there is a connection but there may be and it would be awesome. But I guess it is far more likely that this was the new role as a Terminator they had discussed for Arnold. I got to admit the thing I’m most curious about is how Fox News and the Tea Party will try to spin this. There has to be a conspiracy here, after all we do know that Obama is a socialist/muslim hybrid clone manufactured outside of the US out oft the corpses of Saladin and Stalin with the sole purpose of destroying the US from within.

And just because someone will accuse me of exaggerating I ventured deep into the bowels of madness, the place there the human mind is laid bare for all its shittyness (read: youtube comments) to bring you this crystalized piece of weapons grade stupidity:

God!! it’s such a shame to be alive in this day and age and see the great American nation systematically be destroyed by a black muslim idiot, purely created by the leftwing nutjobs in the media, damn shame it is….

So yeah this guy somehow managed to find the antichrist himself, how is anyone’s guess.

Or maybe he just enabled location on his tweets?

Assuming they didn’t have a Terminator or a giant robot they probably just rememberedone of the 50 other options to take out this bearded Cobra Commander.

Since I don’t know any details yet I got to wonder of the greatest American hero is now a laserpointer and reaper drone. That would be sweet. But even completely without irony, this guy was a cunt and had it coming so well done.

It probably wasn’t a real victory considering that he didn’t lead much of anything the last ten years but there’s still some sort of closure here. Sadly it won’t end the wars, it might even cause some attacks as a backlash. Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been shot but I’m already worried how the fear industry will eat it up to get more money and take away more civil liberties all over the world. It seems we are so far lost that even catching the bogeyman himself won’t help calm things down. But then America has surprised me before so I have some slim hope.

At least the news will stop talking about that damn royal wedding now. Even if they still don’t cover the real news: Just how good Transformers 3 looks right now!




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4 05 2011
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13 05 2011
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21 11 2011
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