3 05 2011

by AngryPanda

There’s some serious stuff in the pipelines but today I don’t feel like using my brain so instead you get a bunch of movies trailers I haven’t seen before and my comments to them. In the past those would have been links of the week but those died of loneliness so here we go.

God this looks fantastic. Originally this posed was supposed to be a comparison between the absolutely generic and boring trailer for Thor and this joyride. Unfortunately I already got to see Thor and since it was pretty decent I don’t feel like bashing it too much just for the bad advertising. Still this Green Lantern movie looks much more interesting. Quite literally “fantastic”. Oa is absolutely spectacular, Sinestro holding the speech is just cool, Paralax looks frightening, the green energy looks awesome and the army of aliens reminds me of the magic of the original Star Wars.

This is a whole army of unique looking non-humans, something I haven’t seen for decades. The Green Lanterns could easily turn out to be the most spectacular and unique heroes we ever get to see on the big screen. Originally I didn’t like the uniform design but that’s before I saw the background it would be used in. Now I’m in love with the whole style of this movie. It looks genuinely alien and magical and I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to a movie as much as this for quite some time.

Not bad for someone who just started reading Green Lantern. I’m even starting to hope it might be better than First Flight but let’s not get too crazy.

More 300! I thought that’s what we got Spartacus “Blood and Sand” for. There’s something I should review here. Anyway this looks nice. Unlike 300 it has a reason for the supernatural stuff and unlike Clash of the Titans it doesn’t look like it completely sucks. This might be worth putting some pants on for. The only thing that could be more over the top than 300 would be mixing it with Exalted and it looks like they did just that.

Nah thanks I’ve seen enough of Musketeers to last for the re.. holy shit is that an airship?! Steampunk? Combined with the previous 3 trailers I’m almost ready to think that movies just might not be all the same warmed up crap we already had for years. Is this what exctiment feels like? It is almost like they really want to make good entertainment.

I should like this but somehow I don’t. There’s an army of silly hats which is sort of awesome but otherwise  I don’t really give a shit about japanese tradition. I think too much anime burned me out and made me sick of the whole glorification of anti-human and anti-individual ideas. On the bright side this won’t run here anyway. The actors aren’t white…

Now that’s just sweet. I wish western movies would go that wild. I hope I can get a hold of this one. I’d say it looks a lot more interesting than our own superhero movies but the Green Lantern above gives us a head start for once. Still, giant-robot-hydra-arms and jetbikes…




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12 05 2011
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