Good Omens

6 05 2011

by AngryPanda

Life is usually a never ending string of tortures meant to strip bare the sad rests of your soul. Or at least mine. But sometimes, just sometimes thing are different. If I’m not busy writing blog entries at work I’m actually secretly working with the unions to establish a works council. Yesterday was the big day, the reveal, the one day our employer would know who we are and what we are doing. I was really crazy nervous about this because it depended on a lot of people voting to support the notion and make us the election council and I’m not very good with people. So I spend a very nervous evening the night before.

And suddenly while idly reading the chat in City of Heroes I suddenly see a name pop up. And old friend who introduced me to my group, quite possibly the most funny, positive and awesome person I know. I hadn’t seen him for over a year and it was that guy who helped me over my depression while I was out of work. And damn there he is, one night before the shit hits the fan here. We talked for a little over an hour and while I’m armed with only bitterness, distrust and hate he is the exact opposite and somehow manages to cheer even me up.

Armed with some positive thinking I went to work the next day, we held the meeting, had the election, blew them all away and made it work. Awesome. Some days are good days. So this is a big thanks to everyone who kept cheering me up over the last year, because some people really went out of their way for it both IRL and online. I don’t think I could have even faced the crowd yesterday without you people.

And since this whole entry is waaaaay too personal, boring and disturbingly close to a mancrush I’m going to use the title for dual purpose and mention the book “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. This is one of the most wonderful and brilliant books I have ever read. There are some few aspects of both authors that I do not like but instad of having the faults of both they merge together like a sort of Transformers Gestalt super robot that is absolutely invincible and awesome beyond words. The characters are likeable, the dialogue is witty, the plot is clever and from the disillusioned angel and demon, the almost clueless four horsemen, the random people who just get screen time in between to the children deciding the fate of the world every character is believable and fun. If I get to recommend only one book to you it would be this. Read Good Omens and don’t spoil it for yourself by checking the plot on wikipedia first. Not that the plot really matters now that I think about it.




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