How to ruin a name

10 05 2011

by AngryPanda

Poor poor Microsoft. The once invincible overlord of all digital evil is now a minor contender in an arena filled by titans like Google and the new king of the hill, the once laughed at weird kid with no friends: Apple. Don’t even get me started on those guys… . With Windows 7 Microsoft has at last released a decent and stable OS and all their old control and surveillance schemes utterly pale compared to what Apple does and it is applauded for now. I think I even said a few nice things about them before.

Getting rid of the smell of evil would be hard under any circumstances but there is one thing Microsoft has no learned to this day: How to be convenient!

Again with the notable exception of Windows 7 itself Microsoft products are an absolute pain in the ass to use and they somehow make the process of sucking out every bit of data they can hurt instead of playing it like Apple and make it feel like a blowjob. How can one company put so much effort into making you not want to use their product? It’s an art, all this hazzle doesn’t come for free, they have to put some work into it.

Now Microsoft wants to buy Skype!

But I like Skype! Why would they want to buy it? It can do nothing their own Windows Live Messenger can’t do. Except letting you register and use it without having to sign away your firstborn. I don’t know what they think they can gain here, probably the large user base. For the record guys: You only don’t have that user base yourself because your message is a pain to use and tied into all your other crappy services.

But what would they want with a stand-alone messenger. Oh no people they will try to tie in Skype with their other crap, thus making it as much a torture to use as all their other products (read: something the Spanish Inquisition would have called too cruel). Microsoft isn’t really evil as much as it is inept. They will shell out billions of dollar to buy a convenient service, tie it to their other crap, make it inconvenient and wonder why it slowly dies out.

The knowledge that everything connected with the Microsoft will be horribly impractical is what really keeps me from using any of their products, not anything I like or dislike about their practices, size, policial views or whatever. For me they ruin their name in their desperate attempt to control data that they don’t even seem to know how to use.

And the problem is that they have so much money that there will always be a smug bastard who tells them they are doing everything right. Pay me instead guys. I’ll tell you what you do wrong and I’ll even throw in the insulting for free.

Now I have to find a new instant messenger. Cunts.




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26 05 2011
Jared Kells

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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