Nobody gives a shit

13 05 2011

by AngryPanda

Looks guys, it is over. You and the fear industry (the only people who really matted in this game anyway) had your fun for ten years. Bin Laden is dead and no one will be impressed by your guys blowing up your underwear anymore.

Seriously, if they were movie villains this would be their superpower. Does it get more lame?

So the Taliban blew up a lot of people in Pakistan.

A double bomb attack on a military training centre in north-west Pakistanhas killed at least 80 people in the first militant riposte since US troops killed Osama bin Laden on 2 May.

The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing, which ripped through a crowd of recruits at the gates of a Frontier Corps base in Charsadda, 22 miles north of Peshawar.

“This is the retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Pakistani and US forces should be ready for more attacks,” a Taliban spokesman told CNN.

And the world trembles! America goes to Defcon 1, terror threat color bright pink! GI Joe mobilizes! The European Union runs in circles and talk very loudly!

Or not…

I guess some newspapers will go nuts because that’s what they always do. You could have blown up a badger and got that result but here’s what really happens:

Me (and possibly two or three other pussies) are sorry because so many human beings died. But only in a general sense, it isn’t like we knew them or cared very much. My dad will be convinced we need to give up more civil rights for protection because that’s what he does every time there’s so much as bad weather.

Now for the rest of the western world it is even more simple. They don’t give a shit. That’s how we roll. It would have mattered more if had broken a shop window in London than anything you can destroy in Pakistan. You could probably blow up the whole country and all it would do is make international politics a lot more easy for everyone else.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if there's a whole lot of people who'd like to bomb Pakistan anyway for hiding the guy for so long.

You had your (waaaay too long) 15 minutes. Now leave it be we need to be afraid of sharks or the internet or something else for a change. Sadly there’s still too many people making money of fear so I guess you will get screen time as long as you want. You were never a threat, you were given a role. The bogeyman our society needs. If you hadn’t done it we would have had to create you and even as it was we had to blow you out of all proportions to adjust reality to the level of fear we needed. But in the end it just gets embarrassing like those wrestlers that just don’t know when they’re too old. Also it ist time for something fresh. Maybe flying sharks. That would be sweet.




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