Judgement Day?

17 05 2011

by AngryPanda

Recently the viewer count of this site has gone totally through the roof and I had no idea why. Mostly because I didn’t check the statistics. Mostly because I’m lazy. I could go on like that…

Anyway after realizing that I still get way too high numbers even on days I don’t even post I checked what’s up. And you’d never guess but nearly a third of the views of this site each day are for this simple entry:

Judgement Day!

I shall describe this phenomenon with fluent and clever internet speech: WTF?! I would have understood this on April 24th when it had some sort of relevance but now? The only real merit of that post is that it links all prior entries about Terminator on this site. And just reminded me that I had some more planned. Well you wanted it people and you shall have it. Thiswouldbemoreawesome with lasers will now get Terminator as its own category to keep up with all the entries. That’s what you get for reading this crap.

I have to recategorize all these entries now. Someone will pay for it!





One response

20 05 2011
Mirranda Kerr Sex-Tape!!! « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] just to fuck with the search engines. For some weird reason this blog shows up for a ton of people searching for Judgement Day and that would be confusing enough for me. But today I got two hits from: “8 years oldporn […]

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