Looks like I need Wipeout 3 and X-Wing 4

19 05 2011

by AngryPanda

So I stumble over this test during my usual morning-coffee-surfing.

By popular demand, I took this test, which aspires to work out what sort of experiences different people value in videogames. 

Shamus Young

Can’t say the same for the popular demand since there are never any comments here (and don’t take this as an invitation to start, I’m an anti-social troll thank you very much) but I was curious what this test can tell me since usually these things fail spectacularly in judging me. But this one wasn’t half-bad. If you take it you should be carefull about the questions though. The thing keeps asking you how you feel after completing a certain type of challenge while it clearly wants to know if you enjoy doing that type of challenge. Of course you enjoy completing a challenge, no matter how much it sucked before. Here’s what it told me.

Maybe my test was bugged because it has this section that says:

According to your results, there are few play experiences that you strongly dislike.

And then promptly goes on to never mention this again. I know other people who took the test got some content here. Anyway, the test is dead right and completly wrong at the same time. The thing completly missed anything regarding strategy games which is even more weird considering all three games I gave as examples of what I like came from that genre. It also shows me why I didn’t really find any new games to get into. I used to love racing and space fighter games, especially after I got through the phase of tumbling around. Wipeout, being the ultimate mix of the two was always on top of my list (it would be Rock ‘n Roll Racing if it wasn’t that damn old).  So what, in the day of generic brown soldier shooters there’s nothing left for me? Is there any new iteration of this?

I’m not even sure if I can remember a flight combat game that’s not from the 90s. Maybe I should look into Air Rivals but I’m immensely sceptical about free-to-play online games.

As an afterthought: International Hobo? Seriously? That’s either the best or the worst name I’ve heard all week, I haven’t made up my mind yet. It certainly looks worth a second look.



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