Miranda Kerr Sex-Tape!!!

20 05 2011

by AngryPanda

This one is just to fuck with the search engines. For some weird reason this blog shows up for a ton of people searching for Judgement Day and that would be confusing enough for me. But today I got two hits from: “8 years oldporn white teens

I sincerely hope someone was looking for old porn. But since this is the internet. On the bright side this might be the very first trace I see of all that children’s p0rn that people claim is filling up the net. Or not because if the best you can find while looking for it is my site you are so out of luck. I guess some anime heroes look like children for normal people so good luck with that. Not that I’m above posting the occasional random tits.

Anyway, since you had to endure this I’ll at least show you a picture of the chic. Also you now know what Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend looks like and are allowed to die of jealousy. And as an apology for the title (an apology to her, who cares about you…) it is even dressed. If you want to see more skin just google her and pick any picture.  I think I lost track of what I wanted to write now but I wonder how many people will search for this title. And we can all learn a valuable leasson today: This site  is a bad place to look for porn. And knowing is half the battle!




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20 07 2011
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22 12 2011
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