Spare us a Terminator 5 please

21 05 2011

by AngryPanda

They might just have! That’s what I get for being late with my posts. Still they might just do another fucked up Terminator movie before the rights fall back to James Cameron in 2018. Who, and I’m not making this up, sold them for a dollar. On the bright side I assume that also got us the Sarah Connor Chronicles which in my book is not only the best part of the whole Terminator franchise but also possibly the best western TV-Series period. Still, they have screwed this up enough by now.

What would they do even if they got Arnold back into this? Unless they send a Terminator back even further and let him fight pirates I don’t see what more they could do with the concept. The whole concept of all the movies has been centered around the idea of Judgement Day, the day Skynet wakes up and nukes the world. Except possibly the first one which strange enough was centered on humanity’s survival after that shit had happened.  Since in modern culture there is no greater threat than losing the status quo that had to change though. Who cares about some dipshits in the future. They wear grey rags, they can’t be us. That’s what my mom would think. And yours too if she isn’t busy teaching you all the wrong things or destroying your sense of self. Anyway, let’s see what has been done with the concept.

  • Terminator 1: Judgement Day will happen. The question is if some survive afterwards.
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day is cancelled. Strange for a movie that has it in its name but ok.
  • Terminator 3: Judgement Day happens! It has only been postponed.
  • Terminator 4: Judgement Day has happened! During a short black screen. Best part of the movie.
  • Terminator TV Series: Judgement Day is probably going to happen but time is fluid it might be completely different from what we expect.
Now the series sees itself as continuing after Terminator 2 and in fact it does have the only clever twist left on this. The other movies just kept sucking up the residual money in the name. If they now made another I can’t imagine it would be any better.
Now I don’t know if Cameron would make another movie once he gets the rights back. In fact I’m not even sure I’d want it because the one guy who knows how to make movies only has so much time and I’d rather see more Avatar and Alita, especially the later. This cyborg is just better. Still I’d prefer the rights back with a guy who knows how to handle them. Even if he really is over the whole concept. It would make sense. The whole technological scare is a concept of the last century.
I could live with letting the good old killing machine rest instead of seeing it dug up to piss on the corpse a few more times.

They look great while broken anyway. Just don't melt them down. It doesn't help against sequels anyway.




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