Farscape intermission

28 05 2011

by AngryPanda

Farscape never interested me while it ran. I think it is because of horribly annoying theme song and the whole bioship them that just doesn’t work for me. But since it was such a success I kept it around and watched episodes now and again. Unlike Stargate it never clicked and suddenly made me watch whole seasons at once. In fact it was sometimes a chore to bite my way through mediocre episodes and it took me 3 years to get through the first two seasons.

Still the colorful crew and the really great lead character kept making me come back to it. More importantly the series gets better with each season. I watched season 3 over the course of several weeks and already started with 4 now. The action gets better, the character more competent and fun and now they even have a new main villain who is clearly a homage to Servalan. I think it won’t be long till I saw all of this now and I understand how people liked it so much. It is no excuse for the incredibly low start though. I don’t think I would have gone through that even while I still watched TV. Even with the good stuff that comes later I could not recomend this series since there is just too much grind to get to it. I’ll write a full review once I’m done with the whole series but for now I want to get credit to my real hero is this series. Rygel the XVI!

Like a tiniy Baron Harkonen. What's not to love?

Update: I wrote this thing while watching the episode What was lost and two minutes after I was done the peacekeeper captain of the previous villain tortured him with the words “This is for all the times I had to say yes”. Now I know Scorpius was supposed to have sex with disturbingly strange alien chics with an eye fetish but considering his foe-yay relation with John I’m not entirely sure he was talking about military commands. Not that the new commander is any better but at least she’s not some wrinkly fishman in a gimpsuit.




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