Transformers Universe

6 06 2011

by AngryPanda

Creative name. At least it isn’t “World of Transformers” or “Transformercraft”. Anyway the Transformers MMO is now official. They even have their own website. Ok, so every cat has one these days but still.

The third hit if you google pictures of Transformers. And still better than "Battlestar Galactica". Try that one for yourself.

While everything looking like retro Transformers makes me instantly happy I think this news item can be shelved under “don’t give a shit” without many problems. This thing is browser-based. You can try Battlestar Galagtica is you hate yourself and want to despite games for the rest of the year. Roughly translated “browser-based MMO” means something like “complete worthless shit”. And by “roughly” I mean “exactly”. These things call themselves MMOs but they are not.So no, there is no Transformers MMO out there yet. Except for Transformers “Fuck we’re awesome” TFWA of course! If any company wants to pick it up I’m still cheap and willing (also completely unqualified). Come on people. Companies have wasted money for worse ideas!




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