8 06 2011

by AngryPanda

I’m so biased here it is not even funny. Ok so the world didn’t deliver the cyberpunk hackers I hoped for but at least we have these guys.

Then not busy exchanging porn these guys take down the companies the goverment hires to investigate them. They are a giant kick in the balls for politicians who lost touch with the world and the idiots who give them bad advice that’s only accepted and paid for because they have mastered the idiot smile.

Here’s all you need to know: If you think the kids hacking companies and government from home are the bad guys you need to stop watching TV and stop talking to your parents. It is that easy.

One could say smarter things but why bother. Some twats I usually find unbearable have made a really good video explaining it and some other guy who I’ve only recently started to think of as unbearable typed it all out because he can’t talk like a chipmunk. Go look at that, what are you doing here anyway? Shush!



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