Ok girls you gota face the facts

9 06 2011

by AngryPanda

So they stuck a stupid love song by Take That who were supposed to die with the rest of the 90s on to X-Men: First Class. Why did they do this? Because the director said:

“I think there’s a lot for women to enjoy in this film,” he said. “Remember ‘Armageddon‘ [and] the Aerosmith song that got girls who probably wouldn’t have originally gone to see ‘Armageddon‘ hearing there was a love song, and [saying], ‘Oh, maybe there is something in the film?’ . . . So it’s pure commerce, to be blunt, and I want women to see this film.”

Well that is a sort of stupid and offensive statement and it is absolutely no wonder that he gets some fire for this.

Like from Carol Pinchefsky

But seriously to all the females out there: Yeah he shouldn’t have said this but he is fucking right.

Note to the director: do you know what attracts women to movies? Interesting characters and plot. Women who are as confident and strong as the men. An emotional as well as a physical journey.

And this is just not true. I’ve seen Stranger Tides this week and in the row right behind me I had three chics who absolutely hated every single trailer since they all happened to be about some sort of “fantastic” movie. Including X-Men First Class by the way. These girls were in the theater for one reason only and that was Jony Depp. They didn’t give a shit about pirates, magic or swordplay. But they did the appropriate swooning. If the above statement would be true Twilight would not exist. Even worse the author either tries to establish half the population as some sort intellectual elite or claims that men don’t care about these things. You can take your pick but both are terribly offensive. I could read too much into that but not after this:

Considering the highrevealingly-clad-female-to-average-dressed-female ratio in X-Men: First Class, it does seem as if he were directing this with only males in mind.

What Mister Vaughn said there was about women was basically the same thing any male has to listen to all is life.

They honestly think THIS makes me buy comic books.

Variations of “You just care about sex/just throw in some tits.” It is just as offensive but somehow socially accepted and used a lot in all media. And it is exactly what Carol Penchefsky said here. She really has no reason to be offended at all, her article is just as ignorant and stupid as Vaughn’s own comment.

Worst of all, most of these assumptions are true. Throwing in tits works. Putting in a stupid lovesong works. Because there’s a whole lot of ignorant twats out there and in true gender equality they come from both sides. You may not like to be compared to a Take That fangirl but don’t put it on males being insulting to women in general. Society is just offensive to everyone who sometimes use their brains. Deal with it.




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