Batman: Back in black?

10 06 2011

by AngryPanda

So DC is relaunching their whole universe. I’ll get to that. But first I want to talk about something important: Clothes. In this particular case a man’s clothes. To precise his underwear.

We had to live with this crap for long enough. Seriously.

The above sentence absolutely needs to be taken out of context. But my point here is that while they do change the outfits enough to piss of every fanboy in existance (and don’t think I don’t love them for it) they still don’t fix the fact that Batman wears his bloody underwear above his pants. For god’s sake give the man a black costume! Please note that I didn’t use one of the really stupid pictures here, my point is that even at its best that look is just dated. We should be over this phase. I’m not advocating that every hero needs to reinvented in some grim%gritty way here. You don’t have to make superman badass even though I would personally like it. But Batman? He’s the Dark Knight. The guy everyone is affraid of. Also the guy with no superpowers. Even the idea that he takes all his gadgets JUST from his belt is ridiculous, I’m pretty sure he pulls them out of his ass. Some sort of armor would solve that problem too. Just take a good look at the movies. You don’t have to go all high-tech armor like the new ones.

Although I did like those.

And this isn’t a new idea. The first Batman movie came out then I was 9 and even then I knew that THIS is how he should look. Yeah, I don’t have a nostalgic view of tights sorry.

They allowed the Tim Burton version to affect the comic books in so many ways, why not this one?

I recently saw Batman “Under the Red Hood” again and like everything from DC Animated it is a really great movie. But the outfit still ruins it for me. Half the time they simple hide the pants, either in shadows or under the cloak. But if you have to hide your own hero you are doing something seriously wrong. Just look at this:

A well placed shadow. But why? Nightwing works. And he's proof that you don't even have to go armored suit. Batman could be the same.

Not only can you keep the tights (if you absolutely must…) you can even work with the grey. Just use a decent pattern instead of giving him some hot knickers. This isn’t perfect but at least an interesting try. Marvel works with an only black costume for their Black Panther who they are turning into a sort of Dr Doom/Batman hybrid anyway. I realize all the DC fans are still shocked from that one time they were shown how a darker Batman would look but seriously kids, get over it. That was the 90s.

The problem being that as long as Batman looks like an old pervert in the comics this will keep happeining in other media too. Ruining otherwise great cartoons and even showing up in video games with a completly different theme. Take Arkham City, everyone including Harley Quinn of all people wears heavy clothing or armor. But Batman walks around in his pajamas. He looks completly out of place in this game.

The bottom line is that every serious attempt at Batman has been wearing black armor since 1989, that’s a damn long time and they should finally get it. This relaunch is pretty much the last chance. If you don’t do it while all your fans are angry anyway you’ll never do it. And while I admit that I liked even my X-Men in black leather it doesn’t have to be it. Nightwing shows you can wear black tights with style. Even more important there is version of Batman who does it too. Instant awesome just add cape:

Now THIS was a great cartoon.

Now matter how you put it, its time the Dark Knight stopped flashing us is panties every time his cape flaps back. Please.




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