“Boy meets girl” in movies

21 06 2011

by Angry Panda

So what happens between the boy and the girl in a movie? It depends on the country the film was shot in. Different priorities.

  • US-Movie: Boy kills some bad guys and gets the girl.*
  • French movie: Boy doesn’t know if he wants the girl. Nothing happens for a long time. In the end they have sex.**
  • Indian movie: Boy sings that he wants the girl. She sings of her insecurity. Then they marry.
  • Scandinavian movie: They love each other. One of them dies. It rains a lot.
  • German movie: They both like each other but they first have to save her struggling alternative coffee bar/flower shop or his law-/architectsoffice. After that they can kiss. ***
*The US-Girl is a larger than life version of current pop-culture’s idea of beauty and fashion. 
**The French girl is a timeless beauty you would die for even if the movie you see is 60 years old.
***The German girl isn’t even pretty, no matter what aesthetics are used. Not even those of piranhas. 



2 responses

21 06 2011

I often thought that all of the german actors were really retired porn actors, with all those bags under their eyes and fainting hair dye…
Also, Italian movie: they’re already together but they’re miserable. After many struggles they’re back together but at an even lower level of depressing misery. You hang yourself.
Hopefully nobody but italians watch those movies (I’m looking at you Muccino).

21 08 2011

I’m almost happy I never saw one of those Italian movies 😉
The description of the German actors is dead on. I also think some are survivors from 80s hairspray commercials.

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