Wonder Woman and the Drag King S&M Street Gang

27 06 2011

by AngryPanda

Wonder Women is quite possibly the worse idea for a superheroine ever. I’ve written about this before but never to the extend I had intended since it is just too much work and I don’t exactly know at what horrible trait to even start. She is in fact so bad that I don’t even file posts about her under “Action Girls” in this blog. Yeah that’ll teach her! To prove my point there is a fantastic entry about her on “Are there any more cookies” the most sexy blog you will see this century. What is it about?

Yeah. A drag streetgang fighting a depowered* Diana in 70s New York. It is as awesome as it sounds. Go read it right now or regret missing this gem for the rest if your then obviously miserable lifes. 

*(In Wonder Woman’s case “depowered”  also means not wearing the American flag as her panties. If 70s fashion is an improvement you really should worry about your outfit.)

This one really has it all and I’m almost amazed just how far the author went considering they were still under the comic code. On the other hand it is Wonder Woman so I guess I shouldn’t be amazed that they squeezed in some BDSM as they always do. To quote from the cookies: “..and the one where someone was bound in a Wonder Woman comic who actually wasn’t Wonder Woman.” That’s just one more thing that amazes me about this character. Not only does the fact that she is clearly a really weird bondage fantasy make her a much worse supherhero. No she also is a really bad weird bondage fantasy. I mean obviously people had different tastes back before the internet turned as all into sexual deviants but if I wanted to sell someone S&M I’d use Marvel’s Black Queen: Selene.

Just saying... . And yes she does keep heroines in little maid uniforms on collars and leashes. Now that I think of it probably wasn't the internet that made us weird...

Not to be confused with another Selene that likes to pose in front of the moon and wear a lot of black. Unlike that one the Marvel Selene’s movie would probably deserve the moniker “Underwear” which is strangely used right now to make fun of one of the few movies I know in which the heroine is dressed neck to toe for almost the entire time. That’s a movie I need to review sometime. I’ll put it on the pile with other things I want to write about but never do. Like why Wonder Woman sucks.

PS: I was just thinking that Selene manages to be a better villain than Emma Frost**which then reminded me that I didn’t get to write about X-Men: First class. This entry is turning into a guilt trip. Fine! Go read on Cookie’s! There’s content and updates there. Fine, be like that!

*But not a better hero since Ema pulled the best heel face turn ever and now I think she deserves an entry too. I’m going to eat some chocolate now.




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