Review: Priest 3D

28 06 2011

by AngryPanda

They should have taken that 3D out of the title, I almost didn’t go see it because of that. With good reason, as usual it was fucking annoying. I think the only good 3D movies I saw so far were Avatar and Tron: Legacy. Anyway I caught a really late showing so there were only 2 other people in the whole theater. I almost didn’t feel the need to kill them to be at peace. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah there was a movie too but if the trailer didn’t tell you let Penny Arcade help you out.

There was also a matching chick to the priest who rode a motorcycle loaded with explosives into a train moving towards what looked like Mega City 1. And their boring friend was the gunslinging sheriff. Oh yeah and the final fight was between the mentioned Priest (who I assumed prayed to Neo) and a vampire-cowboy who was also a renegade Priest of Neo on a moving train. The same train that the motorcycle drove into. If you still have issues you might want to look into a career as a movie critic or nerd. You have the required capability to feel no joy.

Not exactly high art and a little too much dessert for my tastes. But I got to admit you can make dessert bearable with cowboys. Just don't let the city fool you. They don't have the cash to show it for long.




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