Let it go Browncoats

29 06 2011

by AngryPanda

First of all the name. I mean it. It sounds like shit. But that’s not the point here. For those of you who don’t know what a browncoat or think it is something historic count yourself lucky and stop reading. But since you read this site you probably hate yourself and need to lower your worth as a person by embedding this information your memory: A browncoat is basically a trekkie in way less silly clothes. There are some differences though.

  • The clothes. I just told you that a sentence ago. Pay attention! Browncoats look like civil war retards instead of people with a weird sexual fetish for tights.
  • Since browncoats love a series that was cancelled under what was pretty much only one season they are both sad and angry at the same time, like the emo potato.
  • Unlike trekkies there is a real danger that browncoats will somehow connect to you since the series they like isn’t complete shit and you probably like it too.
There are three things that browncoats will never stop doing.
  1. Watch Firefly again and again and again and again.
  2. Curse Fox for shelving it and telling the story to everyone and their dogs till their ears bleed.
  3. Try to revive everything connected to Firefly. Especially the series of course.
Now don’t get me wrong: Firefly was the shit. It was as clever as Buffy but with no crying teens, a ton of cowboys and IN SPACE! It even had lasers. It could only have been more awesome if it had lightsabers and even without them it was way more fun and way better than Star Wars.
BUT: It is fucking dead. There is half a season, one great movie and that is it. It won’t be back. Nobody exactly knows why (well I do but you’d be disappointed with the answer) but they did lock that potential cashcow away and it is done now. It was a bloody miracle the movie got made and even that happened only because the cast and director simply loved the show. At this point it would be impossible to get them all back and no one of the people responsible has any illusions about that. There won’t be any more Firefly/Serenity. Get over it and be glad for what little of it you got.
Look folks, an MMO is not something a group of enthusiastic fans can pull of. I am always amazed at what some people out there do. They have created whole new worlds for Knights of the Old Republic for example. But that’s not an MMO. That’s not trying to build a small plane in your backyard that’s like trying to build the fucking Concorde. You can’t do it and even if you could do it someone will sue your asses over the rights long before you can fail at getting a support structure working. Usually I’m a sucker for lost causes but with Firefly it feels like they have stopped riding the dead horse and instead moved on to cutting it to pieces and raping those. In increasingly weird and disturbing ways. These are probably dedicated, creative and talented people wasting their time there. Do something that might work folks, in this case the uncreative soulless masses have won. Maybe we have more luck in the next battle.



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