20 07 2011

by AngryPanda

Reality is terribly unspectacular. My epic revolution to establish a work council in my company is over. Despite all their attempts in intrigue and lawbreaking they didn’t manage to break us. Despite our epic and heroic campaign we didn’t get a majority in our own creation. What does this mean? Things will get a little better because councilors  simply have to do some stuff for the employees but it won’t be the super spectacular major shift we’ve been hoping for. On the other hand the owners didn’t get rid of the Union so that influence is still there too. Nobody has really won. Unless you consider that nothing would have happened if we didn’t act. So in a way we did. Just not in a very spectacular way. And the price was half my department hating our guts, my team leader only communicating with me via email despite him sitting four steps away from me and a general bunch of stupid shit. There was a battle, there has been a lot of damage but somehow it doesn’t feel like a whole lot was achieved.

On the bright side the Miranda Kerr Sex Tape entry keeps fooling people using search engines and that kept the reader numbers stable while I didn’t write anything. That’s something right?




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