Star Wars MMO Pre Orders-at last someone does something right!

21 07 2011

by AngryPanda

Who didn’t know after the other one suddenly got closed down? I almost thought they’d never get their shit together but it looks like they are actually going to release Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since I still have more income than spare time I won’t bitch about the Collector’s edition price tag especially since there is a pure digital one for half the price that looks good to me. I don’t need the toys, I don’t keep stuff that can’t be put on a hard drive anyway.

The fans get ready to fight for their pre-orders.

Anyway, none of this ist he point, you can read up on this game all over the net. The point is that: FOR ONCE, IN ALL THE WORLD SOMEONE DID YEARS OF WORK, INVESTED MILLIONS IN ADDS AND FINALLY, ACTUAlLY WANTS TO SELL IT TO ME!

Sorry I got carried away a little bit. You think this is normal? No this is fucking not normal! Usually everyone on the planet goes out of their way to make me not want to buy their stuff or even prohibit it outright. Usually they do one of the three things.

  1. Produce complete shit.
  2. Stack it with DRM or other garbage that makes me hate them.
  3. Simply don’t sell in Europe.

The last is actually the most popular, you would  not believe just how much American companies do not like foreign money. I’m looking at you Game of Thrones people! I’d like to pay you! I really would… .

Anyway back on topic. The Star Wars pre-order is sold all over the place at the same time. The game you get is neutral, read you can use it in any language and you can play on any server. So I don’t have to use illegal methods to access my own account just to buy a game I can play with my friends in the US like NCSoft makes me do. I also don’t have to worry about getting a censored version like Age of Conan. It is just a game account. What I download and install is my problem. They really do sell me an honest to god game account I can use anyplace I like. This is the first time I have ever seen a triple A MMO do this. Thank you Bioware! *

*You may have good reason to think so but this statement is not ironic. I’m not even that excited about the Old Republic but for fuck’s sake I’d buy this game simply because for once someone really wants to sell it to me.




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22 07 2011
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[…] yesterday I praised Bioware for seriously wanting to sell me their game as the first MMO publisher in.. well ever… . But I was a bit hasty in my praise as by now […]

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