I had to jinx it

22 07 2011

by AngryPanda

So yesterday I praised Bioware for seriously wanting to sell me their game as the first MMO publisher in.. well ever… . But I was a bit hasty in my praise as by now I’ve learned that while their deal sounds pretty sweet it is in fact a lot more complicated than that. Here is what you got to buy the damn digital copy of this thing.

  1. Create an Account on SWTOR with all the hazzles associated with that.
  2. Create an account for Origin, EA’s store rootkit that they want to use to compete with Steam that other piece of crap I don’t want on my computer. (Surprisingly hazzle-free)
  3. Log into Origin and buy the thing with a credit card (No Paypal you filthy international customers!)
  4. Receive two emails with receipts and a link to the SWTOR page in which you have to enter a serial code.

Compared to NCSoft’s store this is needlessly complicated but I could overlook that on account of them giving me what I want (unlike the mentioned store…) but the thing is that there is serial code in the receipts. There is note telling you to use it and exactly how the number is called but it isn’t there. Why is selling stuff so hard? Seriously? It say it’s not rocket science but they did manage to build rockets, they didn’t manage to just sell stuff on the internet yet. Apparently it is a lot harder.

Update: They hid it in the HTML code. Seriously! I actually found that out minutes after first writing this entry but I needed this long just to get over it. By the way the haven’t sent me a second mail informing me of this in all this time. I imagine there are thousands of people out there still waiting for a code they already got. Dear EA, I want to get out of here and I know how to send emails, you clearly need me as one of your top dogs for that Origin store.  I know I’m overqualified but I make up for that by not being good at anything else really.



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