Well fuck you Blizzard

1 08 2011

by AngryPanda

There are some major entries that I prepare a long time in advance. I write bits of texts, I collect links about the subject and I gather quotes. Usually I never ever write them. One of these was my rant about Blizzard. I don’t have all the notes here right now but all of a sudden I have to get this out of my system. You’ll see why. My once favorite developer (going back to Rock N’ Roll Racing I kid you not) has fallen far indeed. At this moment I’d like to point back to the time they merged with Activision then everybody with some brains called this. Anyway at that time I had a little grief with Blizzard a few things that pissed me of so much I really thought they need to change their ways for me to even consider buying anything of them ever again.

1. The whole Real ID mess in World of Warcraft. There are three types of people in this world. The ones who realize what an utter, idiotic and dangerous idea that was, the reality resistant idiots who supported it and those who didn’t hear of it and couldn’t prove their side yet. This mess got so nasty that they actually had to send apologies to some people who quit at the time. The sheer amount of ignorance about peopl, the internet, stalkers, work environments and society in general that was needed to come up with that idea still boggles my mind. We were talking about lost jobs, real danger, especially to female gamers and harrasment on whole new levels just to stop a few trolls. I really wish I could dig up that piece of  pathetic groveling. If I can find it I’ll update this post to have that here.

2. The Starcraft II DRM (no it was not Battlenet Feature, it was no service, it was no magic umbrella given by Mary Poppins, it was fucking DRM) that would not let you play unless you logged in first. I bought that game. I played the first 8 missions or so. Then I got so annoyed by this that I uninstalled the game. I love Starcraft and I really wanted to buy it. I guess I’ll hunt myself a torrent now, after all I do own the game. Or not.. according to Blizzard. Still I paid for it. And I want my single player campaign. I’m not going to buy the other two, that’s for sure. Yes that’s two sales lost becauseo of DRM. I know that isn’t much but it is a pretty solid number compared to the ZERO Pirates they stopped. Have I mentioned I really loved Starcraft? Just watch this stuff. But for the record: I’m not the one refusing to engange in this buisness transaction. Blizzard is!

3. Now THIS. There are no words for what they do to Diablo 3. Constant internet connection and an auction house that works with real money, no options. There are no words for this level of madness. Thankfully someone else already tried to find some so go read that, because I don’t even have the energy to complain anymore. I can’t even say who is worse, the people selling this shit? Or the ones who will buy it?

I don’t even really care about Diablo but as of this moment Blizzard is gone from the companies I buy from. Unless their new MMO gives out free blowjobs there’s no way my once favorite company will ever again see any of my money. Well played guys. It is almost sad enough to make me forget how angry I am.




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