WildStar and Guildwars2

19 08 2011

by AngryPanda

NCSoft doesn’t give up it seems. Aion didn’t turn out to be all they had expected but they still keep shelling out new MMOs.  Usually I don’t really follow MMO news anymore. They are either the same generic shit WoW clones (yeah I bloody know Everquest did it first, piss off) or a new superhero MMO that is so breathtakingly bad you’d think they are doing this for the first time. Still I got a soft spot for NCSoft for publishing the one game I really do like (and which goes free to play soon, come check it out if you’re into superheroes). So here are their new attempts to get a slice of Blizzard’s pie…

1. Guildwars 2: The one everyone is talking about. The one game that will be a completely new MMO. I have no idea why people think that. It doesn’t look bad, it just looks generic to me. It is gorgeous in some ways but there is nothing to let me think the gameplay will in any way be different from the competition.

There are some things in there that I really do like but some I just don’t buy. The roof top traveling thief can probably only jump two inches in the game itself and has to look for the stairs like everyone else. Also they have some drop-dead gorgeous stuff they don’t seem to focus on a whole lot. Their cities are spectacular, as are their airships. This could be a really unique setting but I honestly can’t tell because the vid is so busy trying to be WoW. They should focus less on menacing stares and epic fight music and more on their fantastic steam punk and wondrous cities and landscapes. Even the soundtrack is just the by now generic fantasy battle fair. They should have gone for something more like this, and launched one of their airships to that.

2. Wildstar:

What’s all this then? Bravestarr the MMO? Fuck yeah! I swear that bunny girl walked right out of City of Heroes… . Anyway it looks like the sort of fun, weird sci-fi setting Star Wars could be if people didn’t see it as a religion.


There is really only one complain I have with this trailer and that’s that I’d prefer a cartoon over a game here. The downside is that the gameplay looks utterly generic and boring but I’ll still give this a shot, mostly because I’ve been waiting for a Sci FI MMO for years and only after producing generic fantasy WoW clones for 3 of those are they finally starting to at least make what looks like a Sci Fi WoW clone. It’s a start.




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