American Republicans

5 09 2011

by AngryPanda

Let’s be frank here. I don’t like Republicans. I don’t like conservatives. I don’t like religion. Do I dislike them on principle? No, I dislike them because they come from the dark side. And just in case you were wondering, these people are the same in all countries you might end up in. But right now American Republicans are a breed of their own, at least as far as democratic nations are concerned. Their open commitment to utter insanity keeps baffling me and the few times conservatives here care to take a look even they are stunned. But I’m not starting about that because in the face of such evil all reason leaves me so I’ll leave the word to more reasonable minds. Or bitter ones that are just more clever than me. Such as Grey Carter.

Say what you like about Michele Bachmann, she’s certainly the most attractive horseman of the apocalypse.

When the lamb opened the fifth seal, I heard the voice of the fifth living creature say "Come getz tha dumb!" I looked and there before me was a little pony! Its rider was named Stupidity, and Iz dunno whatz to wreit becoz of dumbz.

Mike Lofgren, a GOP political staffer, has ended his 30 year political career and possesses both infinitely more patience and knowledge to talk about these things. It is a long read but well worth it and unlike my own rantings here full of information instead of just bile. I’ll just give you a little example so you know what you’re getting into:

Undermining Americans’ belief in their own institutions of self-government remains a prime GOP electoral strategy. But if this technique falls short of producing Karl Rove’s dream of 30 years of unchallengeable one-party rule (as all such techniques always fall short of achieving the angry and embittered true believer’s New Jerusalem), there are other even less savory techniques upon which to fall back. Ever since Republicans captured the majority in a number of state legislatures last November, they have systematically attempted to make it more difficult to vote: by onerous voter ID requirements (in Wisconsin, Republicans have legislated photo IDs while simultaneously shutting Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices in Democratic constituencies while at the same time lengthening the hours of operation of DMV offices in GOP constituencies); by narrowing registration periods; and by residency requirements that may disenfranchise university students.

This legislative assault is moving in a diametrically opposed direction to 200 years of American history, when the arrow of progress pointed toward more political participation by more citizens. Republicans are among the most shrill in self-righteously lecturing other countries about the wonders of democracy; exporting democracy (albeit at the barrel of a gun) to the Middle East was a signature policy of the Bush administration. But domestically, they don’t want those people voting.

Yeah. You know then I was a kid wanted to someday live in america. Then I was a teen I really hoped that I’ll find a way to get a job there. Then I was in my 20s I knew it would be damn hard but it still looked like an option. Now I’m over 3o and I’m looking at jobs in Australia. These people scare me. And they should scare you. I’m not even sure what to do against them. The celebration of stupidity is just far too popular. Just don’t stop voting, that’s what they want you to do. And before anyone can say this is none of my business: Like hell it is. If you vote for the wrong guy he blows up the world. 



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