Darth Pope: There’s my proof!

6 10 2011

by AngryPanda 

This explains so much:

And you didn’t believe he would steal my bike? There you go. On related news I’m busy creating another Supergroup (that’s a Guild for you non City of Heroes players) because the one I have is not causing enough work for me already. Yeah I’m insane.

Oh and while we have a Star Wars reference up here: Bioware is treating European customers like second class shit and since they delete any complaint on their own forums I’m just gonna rant here. Want examples? First they ask you to sign up for the beta tests for almost two years. The first Europeans got invited to the beta two weeks ago. Yeah that’s what I call equal changes. But my favorite part: AFTER they sold you the limited edition with  a head start they moved the EU launch date back. So we did pay extra but still only get to start with the main rush of people. Of course they kept that little bit of info for themselves until after they had the money. Assholes.



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