To Skyrim or not to Skyrim?

14 11 2011

by AngryPanda

Hello internet! Did you miss me? No of course not, you don’t give a shit because there’s unlimited entertainment available to you. As it is for me which is why I didn’t post here anymore. So you finally got rid of me but since all good things must come to an end so does my silence. That reminds me the finale of Season 6 of the new Dr Who was awesome but that’s really not the point here. What I’ve been doing? I’ve got back into Starcraft II despite my rant about Blizzard (who can still fuck themselves but it is a great game). Seeing the teaser for the next installment got me into it and I’m almost done with the campaign now. Apart from that I’m still running a City of Heroes Guild, in fact I’m working on a second and I still have a full-time job and do Union work. On the bright side I have no real family and friends so I should still be able to write.

Playing Starcraft II made me realize two things. First of all I really love 80s style sci-fi technology with lots of steel, massive engines and clicking transforming stuff. Good times.

How is it possible that not a single Google hit was an actual screenshot from one in the game?

The other thing I realized that I have been playing MMO’s exclusively over the last few years. I’m not into shooters and for a time it seemed that’s all gaming is now but I missed a whole world of awesome stuff out there. Now I’m feeling like catching up. Right now I’m tempted by Saint’s Row, and Infamous in both cases the last two games because that’s how far I am behind. But since absolutely everyone is talking about it right now I also considered Skyrim. There is nothing but positive hype about this release and I do feel like making some northmen warrior with a big two-handed sword and ice and lightning magic, all things the game seems perfectly suited for.

Now this is just gorgeous. The problem is that the gameplay trailers are a little bit too realistic and gritty to me. It looks like they decided that grey and brown are once more the way to go to look adult and mature. That would bore me to tears within 30 minutes. Also the darn thing doesn’t seem able to let me know if it is 3rd ir 1st person. The later would kill the game instantly for me so the question is how much you can switch and if it is practicall. My last issue is that while everything they show is impressive and beautiful nothing is “cool”. I haven’t seen any shots of your character actually doing something really cool, using a spell that look awesome, doing a swordspin or any of the stuff you are used to from modern trailer. This game looks very very old-school and I’m not sure that would work for me. Since I still have more spare time than money that’s not the issue, but these days it takes some effort from my side to even get me to install it.

Oh yeah and I don’t know if they’d even sell me an uncut english version and some localized garbage. Or what sort of DRM it has. Sheesh seriously you have to consider more things to buy a game these days than to plan a marriage.




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21 11 2011
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