The Munsters vs The Adams Family

17 11 2011

by AngryPanda

They are remaking the Munsters. As a darker and more gritty version. Look even I am tempted to do a 90s comic book joke here and I fucking liked those!

Never before have the words “darker and more serious” been used in worse context. Here’s everything that can be said about this.

Meanwhile, from the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file: NBC is bringing back “The Munsters.” And, in what sounds too much like a satire of everything wrong with the reboot/remake mentality, the franchise – a cartoonish sitcom spoof about a nuclear family made up of a Frankenstein (dad) Vampire (mom and grandpa) and Werewolf (son) who have a pet dragon – is being reconstituted as (I shit you not) a “dark” hour-long dramathat will explore the “origins” of the family. Really.

I can imagine few things less suited to jump on the dark angsty Twilight wagon (shut up, you know that’s what they shoot for. It’s there the money is) than the Munsters. Strange enough it immediately reminds me of a series that would be a whole lot more suitable for this. The almost direct comptetitioner of the Monsters and in my book the superior series: The Adams Family! 

If it is just a bit too old and low quality for you the new series wasn’t all bad either and had a smashing theme. In fact so awesome I wanted to post it above but it would have ruined the symmetry with the Munsters.

The thing is that the Adams family consisted of very nice people and great contributors to humanity with really morbid tastes. Unlike the Munsters who were Monsters that are human, the Adams were humans that are monstrous. You could easily push this into a more gritty direction. Just imagine one of their old jokes about liking to play with the iron maiden but in the end they open it and the corpse of someone you saw at the start of the episode falls out. These people are terribly rich sadists with potentially mystic powers. It would only take minor adjustments to turn this from camp into horror. I wouldn’t like it because the Adams Family was great but with the way they were designed  they are actually several ways to spin this into a more serious theme. I especially like the idea of keeping the fact that they are generous and nice people. Who like to torture and murder in their spare time. In fact I like this idea so much I’ll make another entry about it tomorrow because I would just not get this one finished otherwise.




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