Remember then the future was supposed to look cool?

18 11 2011

by AngryPanda

…I sure do. Even the things I didn’t care about were supposed to get awesome. Like racing.

I actualy gew up just after they had the best toys. But there was still enough of it aorund and it's not like Transformers and Mask were all bad.

That was the promise guys. Life sucked, there wasn’t even internet and if you were lucky you got to see 8 cartoons a week but the future was supposed to be awesome. Then did that stop? This stuff was of course supposed to be over the top cool but it was also not that outlandish. We would go to space. We would have awesome technology. That was something we counted we on. We got the internet and I would not want to love without that but on all other fronts I find the future sorely lacking. I’m not calling new kid’s shows and toys crap, but even in the 90s the mood shifted. Suddenly the cool stuff could be magic, or superpowers or whanot but we went away from spaceships and tech being the awesome stuff. You could ask how toys matter but it’s a matter of attitude and what we believe in. The dreams die and suddenly there’s no program for the space shuttle anymore. Ah well, nobody gives a flying shit about my nostalgia so I’ll just show you a picture of a giant robot wolf!


I had that thing but it was insanely hard to find Zoids stuff here. I would have wanted it all. I think this is from Zoids, to be precise Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. So instead of bugging my last few readers more I’m going to hunt down and watch those two series which will hopefully be as great as their toy designs. A panda can hope.




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