Beyond good & evil?

21 11 2011

by AngryPanda

I complain a lot about DRM and even defend piracy in some ways but there are people who do it right. Number one of them has to be Good Old Games. So maybe it is time to actually buy something from them? I know people scream about the Witcher 2 but I couldn’t care less about dark gritty fantasy. But while browsing them I stumbled upon this.

From 2003? I didn't play single player games for so long I can probably deal with the graphics.

This looks both adorable and awesome. It is sci-fi, with a female hero and a comic book style. I got to love it. This is what video games should be in my book. Fuck Skyrin, I’m getting this after I’m done with Starcraft II.  Funny thing is that I wouldn’t take Ubisoft game for free these days because of the way they do business but with GoG and their really good policies it is a whole different story. Oh and it is just 10 bucks even if that’s not the major selling point for me. To me not looking “real” is what I want from my entertainment, not a downside. Plus this girl really knows how to rock green. Even the lipstick? Not bad.

This girl is dedicated to her theme. A panda has to respect that.




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23 11 2011
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