Happy 48th anniversary Dr Who!

23 11 2011

by AngryPanda

You still didn’t answer my letter but I’m sure it will happen. Still it is time to mention some of the things I never got around to about Dr Who. I only started watching this series 3 years ago and it worked it’s up to my absolutely favorite series of all genres in all times. It is just that awesome.

Now I was a little worried about the 11th Doctor and a new writer and I have to admit I was right. I like this incarnation less than the previous two. And I think the writing is weaker in the recent seraons too. Although it makes up for that somewhat by a much quicker pace.

That said Mat Smith is a great Doctor, saying he is not as good as the two before him is like saying Grimlock is not as big as Godzilla. This series is so far above and beyond absolutely everything else that even if it is just a little less incredible than before it is still a fucking supernova compared to the candlelights that make up it’s competition.

And while I have to say I liked 9 and 10 a little more Matt Smith pulls of the mad scientist the best. He is fucking insane and he’s having so much fun playing the Doctor. I hope he stays in the role for a long time.




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