Return to Middle Earth

21 12 2011

by AngryPanda

The Lord of the Rings movies were a revelation. They were everything I thought movies could not be, they did everything movies could not do. They were raw magic and despite some little things I didn’t like about them they are the absolutely peak of what movies can achieve for me. Strange enough I was never very excited about all the rumors about them making the Hobbit as a prequel, maybe because I was never all that fond about the book either. But now seeing a trailer, seeing this wonderfully crafted world again, the style and love for detail, even just the music… I am so very much looking forward to seeing this.

I rarely care about movies anymore but this one.. I had a terribly shitty day and I’m horribly tired but suddenly my mood is improved, I’m feeling better and calm and I might just be smiling. For just a little while I get to go to the good place again. Thank you so much.



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