Sort of..humbled?

29 12 2011

by AngryPanda

I don’t even really know. I wanted to write a little rant about the sort of people who are only into “standard” fantasy and I someday I will. But this whole thing was based on this article:

“Standard fantasy setting”: Has there ever been a sadder oxymoron? Has there ever been a better demonstration of the myopic nature of unbridled commercialism than the contradiction between the bureaucratic-sounding term “standard” and the ancient word “fantasy,” with its connotations of imagination and vision?  

And from that article I followed a link to the author’s own blog. Now here on the internet you regularly get to see wonderful stories about people living their dream and having success with it. But not all do. Apparently Jonas Kyratzes doesn’t. I keep bitching about how I wasted my life and feel bad about silly things like not making a whole lot of cash or not being able to run two guilds in city of heroes or write on this blog enough because I’m too lazy. Those aren’t problems. I still plan to have a two-day weekend and buy stupid stuff like a gaming mouse for 80 bucks. I’m not living the high life but I’m not exactly suffering either. Second-Hand Elf was an excellent article and if his other work is up to that standard he deserves better. I’m not exactly sure what I’m saying here but I suddenly didn’t really feel like ranting anymore.




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