So that’s where Phil was!

6 02 2012

by AngryPanda

Link to AT AT awesomeness provided by no one less than Michaell Fucking Stackpole (shut up I’m sure that’s what the A in his name stands for…). You can follow this guy on Twitter! I just found out! 2005 I’m so catching up to you! You don’t know what the fuzz is about? Well that’s because I’ve been lazy again and didn’t write about Mr Stackpole yet. So you can’t know what this dude means to me. Obviously you might know what he means to you but seriously not even your mom cares about your nerd icons so who gives a damn?

Anyway the really important thing is that after raising the question what Phil Tippett has been doing while the Raptors tried to eat the brats in Jurassic Park we finally have the answer. 

He's been building AT ATs. Honestly would you have cared if the local pets eat some kids no one had wanted in the movie anyway while you could build these? Didn't think so.




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