Morals of Piracy 1.5: Stuff they won’t sell you

21 02 2012

by AngryPanda

I’ve been beaten again and this time I really deserve it. The point in this Oatmeal edition is one I wanted to make 8 months ago as a follow-up to my  Morals of piracy entry. But hey here you go.

If you can feel like this you may for a very short moment feel like I do every single day with every single show. Because I’m in Europe and that’s the point I wanted to make here. All the tools that don’t have the show in this strip? They don’t work here anyway! They block the damn IP. That’s right. They make this joke about Game of Thrones but unless I buy DVDs I don’t want this is how it is outside of the US with every single show ever made. If it is available at all you have to ship little silver disks at insane prices because for some reason they still try to treat the Internet as if it would give a shit about physical location. The only other way is to cheat and use a fake IP-adress. This by the way is as much of a crime as simply pirating the stuff. And a lot more inconvenient as your download speeds will be terrible to non-existent. They seriously refuse to sell to half the world. And then complain that it is “stealing” from them. Let me make this clear you cunts. I could not give you my money if I wanted to. You won’t let me! I’m not stealing anything. I’m watching shows. That’s all. You claim you’d like me to pay for these shoes but you are obviously lying or you would let me.




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10 05 2012
They’ve learned nothing « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] these vampire scumbags are the last people who have any right to apply to people’s morals. Second they still don’t actualy let you buy their products even if you want to. Third.. oh for Prime’s sake why do I even bother. They refuse to get it and their only […]

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