Breaking news: Japan is still fucked!

24 02 2012

by AngryPanda

After several years of unsuccessfully trying to get a giant lizard to destroy their country Japan finally decided to just irradiate the ocean around itself and when drown in it sometimes last year.

What the hell is he shooting at?

As I mentioned before 2011 was an incredibly shitty year and I don’t approve of this at all. Not that I’m opposed to the sea swallowing up a few million people. That would be swell. But this isn’t Iceland or Britain or Western Europe. Not this is fucking Japan we are talking about! They make Anime! These people are important. I need them to make my miserable existence bearable.

Anyway the point is that while this disaster is of course out of the news at this point because they need to talk about important things like the Republicans trying to bring the USA back in the dark ages or some sort of celebrity having an affair Japan is still a mess. And I ran into this site that showed some pictures of places in Japan before and after The Attack of the Radioactive Ocean ™.

It is really interesting and unlike this entry here not a complete waste of your time. You should take a look. 

There are some things I find really interesting in this pictures.

1. The Japanese seem to build bridges in the most random of places. And boy are they ever smart to do that. Those things gota to have saved hundreds of lifes in the floods. Lesson for us: Build more bridges.

2. I shouldn’t but I just love how suddenly there are boats everywhere. On streets, houses, cars, everything. Sometimes whole houses show up standing in the middle of the streets but somehow the boats get me most. Especially the one in picture 13. That is just awesome. I’m on a boat motherfucker take a look at me!

3. What’s with all the cars? I can see how there can be more boats everywhere (more being more than one on fucking land) but it seems after the flood absolutely everything is full of car wrecks. How is that possible? I see how the water could have moved cars but they must have come from someplace. For every spot that has now more cars another needs to have fewer cars. That’s how it works. Unless the factories kept running and pumped out cars right into the floodwaters? The Japanese are fucking diligent they would do shit like that.



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