Letterman blew it with Optimus Prime?

2 04 2012

by AngryPanda

Man, seriously? You just made it on my most despised human being list (which is admittedly very long). You get to have Optimus Prime on your show, with the voice that was the idol for several generations now and all you can think of is to bloody insult him? Prime doesn’t stink your worthless pile of rotting flesh, you do since your body is made to turn nice things into shit and gas. This Optimus Prime, who died for our sins and is the hottest thing on wheels even while made of ice.

“Good luck getting a cab.”

Seriously? This guy is considered witty? Transformers wasn’t invented for these movies. They change into fucking cars! That’s the sort of stupid wilful ignorance I expect from parents and republicans but not from late night TV hosts. God I hope he gets run over by a truck. Preferably this one…

Transform and roll out!

And the bastard won't even know who it was!




One response

27 06 2012
Did Optimus Prime Die for Your Sins? | Jessica Sideways.com

[…] enough, it is a clip from the Nostalgia Critic and that it may be some smartass voicing over Optimus Prime to make him sound more like Jesus (or rather, the Jesus that everyone chooses to believe in) but what is wrong with worshipping […]

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