They’ve learned nothing

10 05 2012

by AngryPanda

All those things could just say “We wish it was still the 90s” and it would be the same thing.

As part of the ongoing plan to stop piracy by annoying legitimate consumers, the US government announced two new copyright notices to be added to DVDs and Blu-Ray movies. Six major movie studios intend to start using the notices – which are ten-seconds long and unskippable – this week. The fact that only legitimate customers will be subjected to these notices  is actually part of ICE’s strategy.The notices are apparently meant to educate the general public, who upon seeing them will naturally take up arms and drive the pirates into the ocean from whence they came.

Full article onthe escapist magazine, just follow the link

They just don’t get it do they? First of all these vampire scumbags are the last people who have any right to apply to people’s morals. Second they still don’t actualy let you buy their products even if you want to. Third.. oh for Prime’s sake why do I even bother. They refuse to get it and their only weapon is to try to limit and filter the freedom of the internet. Essentially the people who sell the products I like are turning themselves into my enemies. At this point I feel bad for going to the movies or buying a DVD (none of that Blueraystuff for me you whippernsappers!) because I know they use that money to try to by the justice systems of the western world. And I still saw Avengers twice. Looking at the money that movie seems to make it can’t be that bad. And it is always the most popular stuff that gets the worst of piracy. So, do I want them to go broke so they stop trying to ruin my natural habitat? Or do I want them to go on making movies. Nah, let’s face it, their average output is just not worth it. I need a home theater.




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