So in DC no one of importance is gay now? Ok…

3 11 2012

by AngryPanda

So I somehow managed to miss the whole fuzz about the new 52 and launch. Which is a shame because I really wanted to piss on their idea of integrating the fucking Authority into their main universe. But I’m not going to miss out on this one. After Marvel more or less spectacularly had one of their C-List heroes Northstar marry his boyfriend DC once more found out that they are 50 years behind the times. I fully expect them to notice the Avengers movie by 2020… .

As always it was Marvel’s frontrunner for all things different X-Men that did the new thing. This isn’t exactly a new thing. X-Men consisted of people from all over the world 30 years ago, while even Marvel’s own Avengers are still a white boy’s club with no superpowered girls allowed in 2012 in their movie.


Northstar and.. some dude?

X-Men has also never shied away from introducing characters belonging to minorities. Obviously that is their theme so maybe that is not such a big deal. Or is it? The fact that this series has made it its main selling point to be about people who are stigmatised by society only shows it has more balls than any other series out there. Massive balls of brass that make them so sure of themselves they don’t even have to be afraid of representing minorities that really exist and are a major target audience. Except for that time Storm almost turned into a bisexual punk who had something with a japanese assassin. That didn’t happen.

And for the record: it is a major loss for humanity and more importantly this panda that it didn’t happen.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make … is very hard to remember because I started this entry several months ago and just found the draft again. Ah yes, the reason I even wrote this is that DC decided they need to jump on this new fancy bandwagon too. They are only about 20 years too late to make a good impression with it. And the way they tried to milk it for publicity just showed that they don’t give a shit about the issue itself. But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is their choice of a character. While I would have found it hilarious I’m aware it was never an option to use one of the really big names like Superman, Batman and the Flash (that much retconning is just shit no matter for what reason. except for Batman who already is gay but not ready to come out of the closet. Leave the man in peace, he has issues.) I would have liked to see them try it with someone who is at least important. Or for that matter in their main universe. Instead they pulled an insanely cheap trick by announcing one of their big names would be their new token gay guy (seriously, it is 2012 we should be sooo past token gay people and in “this is just normal land” by now, as I MENTIONED BEFORE!) and it would be….. GREEN FUCKING LANTERN!

It took me about a full 2.5 seconds to realize that this is no committment at all. DC has something like four green lanterns from earth at this point, some of whom nobody likes and gives a shit about. I honestly would have been more impressed if they had created a female green lantern from earth which I may or may not have mentioned before. Go check, if I didn’t it is about time I did. While they could have gone the cowardly road and used a minor GL or simply a new one that wasn’t nearly chicken enough for DC oh no sir. They had to go the whole 9 yards and make this a fake package. The Green Lantern they chose is in fact from their other Dimension and not part of the GL group most people know at all. It is this guy:

Now I’m sure you are a comic geek and know who Alan Scott is but lets face it, even most casual readers don’t and he is not in any way one of DC’s race horses.

So yeah a company that makes its money selling story about men who dress as bats and fly to other planets in nothing but tights is too afraid to just go out and let anyone even remotely important stand for a minority. This is just weak. What’s even more weak is that it really is shit in the case of this guy. Remember what I said about retcons on this scale not being okay? Well this guy has been around for much much much longer than the other main DC heroes these days. I read exactly one (yes that is 1 uno, eins, the other thing in binary the one that isn’t 0) in which this guy showed up. It was some crossover and he seemed pretty likeable. As did his wife. Yeah that’s right I only read about this guy once and I already see how they ripped his loving wife away from him.

What do you say? I’m biased because they gave him a loving BF instead? You poor fool. DC barely dares to label one of their characters gay they certainly won’t actually have him be in a relationship. I called this and I was right, they did murder his other half immediately after introducing him. You know what? I’m not even going to rant about that. I did then I called it but now that i happened, what’s the point? This whole thing is just weak and it reeks of cowardice from every pore. And the saddest thing of all is that it is even a story because gay characters in media should just be a normal thing these days.

In summary: This post was written over several months and I got no idea what exactly it should say. Except maybe “This sucks”.




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