So Haywire…

4 11 2012

by AngryPanda

Remember how I said I want to watch Haywire? I didn’t forget, it was shown here and I did go to the movies. Everybody wins. Except me. Because Haywire kinda sucked. Not even going to do a ten thoughts on this because its been so long and it really isn’t worth the effort.

They sold this movie as an ultra fast paced action vehicle for their super martial artist chick but it just wasn’t. They tried to go for pretty realistic stunts and fights (at least it seemed like it, I don’t know shit about fighting) and it just didn’t work. The score was awful the plot was painfully obvious and the action was slow. It almost seemed like some weird of color, of tune art project to me. The only good thing about the whole movie was Gina Carano herself who deserved a way better movie. She stars in “In the Blood” so let’s hope that this time it turns out better for her.

Scene from the trailer and a good start. Sadly the rest of the movie couldn’t keep up.



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