The battles I don’t fight

5 11 2012

by AngryPanda

There are some facts people know about me. For example:

-I think society is shit.

There also some facts most people don’t know because they think (and are often correct) that I’m an empty arrogant twat. For example:

-It genuinely bothers me that society is shit and makes so many people suffer in so many cruel ways most people aren’t even aware of.

Don’t worry if I actually start caring I’ll just watch a cartoon or something to blow my mind away again. I will rarely admit I care about anything because in any conversation I will quickly find that most people are painfully uninformed about virtually every important issue and I’ll come off as preaching while trying to change it. I’m already unlikable as it is, I don’t need to add that. Yet I’m not willing to take shit from folks who say our generation (“our” generation by the way is everyone younger than whoever is talking even if that includes three generations) does nothing. I’m in the Pirate Party which is actually having some mediocre success here. I’m a unionist, I founded a work council at my job and I got elected into it and I’m trying to fight for the right of employees every week. I could do more but at least I’m doing something. The things I don’t do anything about are bothering me. Except.. some. There is some stuff I just refuse to take responsibility for. The world is shitty enough as it is and there are some problems that are so out there that I refuse to feel bad I’m not doing anything about them.


-I feel like shit because I’m not active in protecting the environment.


-I refuse to give a flying fuck about the sexualization of women in popular media.

No, this is not because I don’t think the issue is important. From someone who spends as much stuff worrying about the end of Storm Hawks as me that would be ridiculous. In fact this issue is so painfully important that I’d feel even more like crap if I allowed myself to care about it. So in this case I don’t. I’ll try to explain my excuse for this below. I’m not sure if this is really morally valid but if you want to give me a hard time about it then ask yourself on what you are doing about it and then if I’m not entitled to feel a little less guilty even if it is for the wrong reasons:

The oversexulization of women is not done only for a male audience. Have you seen magazine covers recently? Articles about famous artists aimed at women? It is all about beauty and having children. The later is almost scary I sometimes think women only value other females as birthing machines. Now there are guys who do that too but I do believe that the first step to changing the view of others is to change your own view. And while virtually the complete entertainment industriy aimed at women starting at the age of 6 or so is about being reaaaally pretty I don’t think it is fair to expect me to feel guilty because I like looking at hot chicks. There’s genetics in that. Yes I would absolutely respect an aciton star dressed in decent normal clothing. But I also don’t mind if the run around like this:

Strange enough I do mind it if I find the outfits ugly. I have strange taste. But this? Yeah that’s alright.

I’m sorry. I really am. But I’m a guy. I like this. I would watch the movies if she was wearing the same outfits as the other Deathdealers. But I’m not the one who will fight for her to do so. That’s one for women to sort out themselves and they should start with the media they consume themselves.

I know this is probably ancient. I’m not up to date on girl cartoons. No, not even my little pony. Even though I think I should…

And that’s all for today. Oh wait the Underworld picture is a flimsy excuse to link to my entry about that. You’re welcome.




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