Thank you America

7 11 2012

by AngryPanda

On behalf of the rest of the world that didn’t want to be dragged down by unregulated markets and perhaps a few more wars: Thank you.

I got friends in the US and like everyone else I know they are the weird, the strange, the outsiders and most importantly the minorities. Like Joel for example who has the utter pleasure of being gay and living in the south. Imagine how much fun that is! Yeah I can’t either… . Yes I’m glad you voted for social security, for (less) war and at least a few less war crimes I’m mostly thankful you voted against hate. Against hate towards people I care about and maybe against hate in general. Because it means people like Joel may take a few more steps towards equal rights.

You know what, screw thanking you on general principle for the politics you voted for. That doesn’t deserve thanks. That deserve congratulations. Because while it has side benefits for the rest of the world it is mostly good for you. No there’s no irony here. That’s good. Congratulations and doing what’s best for you. Extra kudos for making it be good everyone else too.

So why the thanks in the title? Because of what I said before. You just made a stand against the people who would discriminate and hurt my friends. Thanks for voting against hate.

And for listening to me on the second try. Always listen to the panda. The panda is good.





One response

7 11 2012

I feel special now. 🙂

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