The Avengers and Battleship

8 11 2012

by AngryPanda

I didn’t review the Avengers, there was no point, the whole internet their mom and their dog did.  I did review Battleship and mentioning it twice is probably nothing anyone should ever do. The strange thing about Battleship is that
I got to put up a review really crazy early because it ran two weeks early in Europe. I didn’t think it was in any way a good movie but it had its good sides as mentioned. Namely AC-DC and battleships. For a bit I didn’t understand  the sheer amount of bile this movie got. But then I do seem to like stuff everyone else thinks is crap again and again. Still there had to be a little more at work here and then it dawned on me. I mentioned battleship should have had a flying ship. After that I thought Avengers did only one week later… but that wasn’t the case in the US now was it? In the US Battleship released after Avengers had shown everyone how this sort of thing can be done with love and quality. Holy crap, if I consider I had seen those two in reverse order I’d have felt just as disappointed. Avengers raised the bar. Honestly I still don’t get why people don’t at least love the over the top battle scenes because if I missed one thing in Avengers it was Shield going to war with all their shiney awesome stuff.

Believe it or not: This is her “decent” costume.

As for the Avengers: What can I say about that? I proved Hollywood assumptions of what works in movies are bullshit, it proved that loving what you do helps and it turned Joss Whedon into the star he deserves to be. Just because I’m me I’m going to nitpick on one thing and say they fucked up by not introducing Carol Danvers right there. If she had gotten the scene of pulling out the spear near the end they would have already had their chance to shower her with cosmic power. She’s one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe which reminds me I should write about why sometime. Rumors say they will introduce her later but still I stand with my opinion that this boy’s club should have laid this seed right then and there.



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19 11 2012
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