The Avengers in the 70s?

19 11 2012

by AngryPanda

Have I said thank you internet for all the awesome stuff people do yet? I guess several hundred times. Can’t be said often enough. Think at this point I listen to more stuff created by internet celebrities and web radio hosts than stuff from the normal music industry. But back to the point. The point being more filler content of what other people did. You’re welcome.

A few stray thoughts on this:

Some readers may be too young to realize this but during that time this is totally something they would have done. Trying to film stuff they didn’t have the effects for used to be reaaally common. Older movies seemed to aim a lot higher than modern ones do. Of course that often failed spectacularly but still I appreciated the effort. Example? The old Judge Dredd movie vs the new Dread 3D. The new one is a much much much much (ad infinitum) movie yet the old one had the better looking Mega City 1, flying bikes and robots.  They failed but they reached higher.

The setup of the Avengers cast looks strange appropriate for the time. Five white guys and one token (also white) chick. Oh wait.. “and the ladies” actuary introduces two. Admittedly I nag so much about this because it is pretty much the only thing Avengers did wrong but if everything else works I can’t help focusing on those things. With complete trainwrecks like Prometheus or Green Hornet I don’t even know there to stand criticising. Or what the point would be.




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