Top 5 X-Men Cartoons: Introduction

23 11 2012

by AngryPanda

While Marvel rules the big screen right now it seems they really have no grasp for cartoons. They sometimes produce some nifty shows but more often than not they seem to drop them after a season or two. The most current example would be the decision to end the awesome Avengers “Earth mightiest heroes” which is the first time any of their shows came close to the sort of shared universe and world building the DC animated shows do. But than DC has dropped that ball since 2k too and only their Young Justice attempts to pick up and that after ten years so maybe Marvel isn’t that bad. Anyway while Avengers gets an immediate follow-up show with Avengers Assemble there’s one franchise Marvel doesn’t seem to care about anymore. That would be the X-Men. In cartoons that is, apparently they had a big group hug with the Avengers in the comic books recently. Since Marvel doesn’t have the rights to the X-Men movies right now it may well be that the rights for the cartoons sit somewhere else too.

Still over the years there have been some cartoon versions of the X-Men and against all odds most of them have been pretty good. One reason may be the limited number. If I go top five with these shows it means I have to include all of them AND cheat with one spot. But quality trumps quantity right? Well we will see. So over the next week from monday till friday you will see a review of the top 5 X-Men animated shows. Despite me being so insanely busy. You’re welcome.

Animated movies will not be included in this list. First because Marvel has a terrible database to even find them all and their track record with these things is so bad I don’t want to watch all of them. Mostly they can’t stop mixing up franchises for these movies so there isn’t even one I could strictly qualify as a real X-Men movie. Exept for Pride. Don’t even get me started on that one.

This one is a decent Wolverine movie even if it would have been better without forcing the Hulk into the story. Still, no series, no cookie.



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