X-Men delayed

26 11 2012

by AngryPanda

Due to the annoying introduction of something called “new facts” the top 5 X-Men cartoons will be delayed a few days. Now I see why those US Republicans try to avoid them, facts just make everything complicated. What’s the problem? For some reason I had assumed the X-Men anime has only 3 episodes and I could catch up with it before now. Now I do find out that show runs for a full 12 episodes though which is completely awesome. Since I got no intention of rushing through those the rest of this will be put on hold until I can write a review and be know what spot the show will take in the top 5. With animation of that quality and a plot by Warren Ellis this series could really take any spot and possibly even push the current number 1 of its throne. But anime has been deeply disappointing in the past too. If they hit they are really shine but if they miss they can be mindnumbingly bad. This I won’t even post the current number 5 spot. While I highly doubt the anime could be worse than that I just don’t know yet. So I’m sorry people but no entry, I’m busy watching cartoons.

Can’t wait. It’s been too long since an X-Men cartoon was out.




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